Architectural holographic fireplaces

HOLOFIRES by hyggeflames
100% Electric 


Our work turns heads for the quality and for the look it achieves by transforming spaces with a holograpic fireplace.

Ultra Realistic : Holofires are high-end electric fireplaces with advanced technology. They offer a realistic virtual fire experience of both a wood and gas, complete with crackling sound and heating option. Handmade in Belgium.

Custom Made : Our fireplaces are available in various models and can be easily built into a variety of styles and finishes, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of consumers.  

Installs In Minutes: The holofires are pre assembled. Only a standard plug is needed. 




'the O'riginal'

Holofires by hyggeflames
 Sliding Projection Glass  
-> 3 use options: Multiple flames, Only glowing logs, Design element
-> No reflection on projection glass in daylight
-> Direct view on the interior finish
-> 100% EU design




Unique 3D view upto 180°! No line, floating or TV images
Varied fire experience: 8 visuals of wood & gas flames
Ultra realistic logset, handcrafted in EU
Natural crackling sound



HOLOFIRES Dimensions



Holofire ORIGINAL O'70
(lxhxd) 800x583x507 mm
fire opening (lxh) 700x360 mm


Holofire ORIGINAL O'80
(lxhxd) 820x619x588 mm
fire opening (lxh) 800x393 mm


Holofire ORIGINAL O'100
(lxhxd) 1020x583x507 mm
fire opening (lxh) 1000x360 mm




Corner & 3-Sided  

(custom) frame + standard fireplace
 Holographic Technology
= no flames visible from side (only logs and edge of glass)
= best image view in dark applicances (no extra light from sides!)

=> best quality = Holofires standard fireplace + 'custom) frame





Custom made

(custom) frame + standard fireplace
Holographic Technology
= the height and depth is determined by the inclined glass plate
= poor visibility of the flames when there is too much light the device
=> best quality = Holofires standard fireplace + 'custom) frame
















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