Our mission




What really sets us apart is the idea of 'cosiness for the future': nest warmth in an environment where nothing bothers you, while in no way disturbing the world.  'All the cosy none of the CO2'.






We are innovative
Holofires is not just another hologram fireplace. As a pioneer in hologram technology & with over 30 years of experience in custom manufacturing traditional fireplaces, we have the expertise to develop an electric fireplace with an understated look, an unparalleled realistic fire experience and impeccable quality.



We offer customized hologram fireplaces
Want a Holofire that fits your interior perfectly? You can! At Holofires, we like to take a slightly different approach. Each Holofire is carefully designed according to your wishes. To make a product truly durable, it must also be beautiful. It invites you to fully enjoy and make life really beautiful.





We are sustainable
The fireplace that respects the well-being of tomorrow's generation. Through our eco-design house, we create sustainable hologram fireplaces that are timeless and long-lasting. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint, from our eco-friendly fireplaces to sustainable production processes and local manufacturing.




Simple and compact, a Holofire can be implemented anywhere and at any stage of the process. All you need is an ordinary electrical outlet. The fireplaces are already pre-assembled and easy to install, and above all, safe. They do not produce real flames, so there is no danger to children and pets. Moreover, they are very user-friendly. With a remote control, you can adjust the fire experience exactly to your liking.







 In our digital world, more and more people need real contact, away from the pressure(s) of emails and voicemails. A place that offers a "warm" feeling, a chance to unwind, and talk about what really matters with people who really matter to you.







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