"Hygge is stepping back from the rush of daily life to make time for those moments of wellbeing."

John De Smecht, co-founder 

Hygge (Danish pronunciation: huuge) is derived from the Germanic word “hyggja”, which means “to feel satisfied”. Today ‘hygge’ is a verb, an adjective, a noun, a mood. At its heart, ‘hygge’ is about creating intimacy: a special moment with family, friends or on your own, but always cosy and relaxing. The Danes’ ability to ‘hygge’ is why they are so happy.

The fireplace is an essential part of ‘hygge’. Its soft glow and reassuring crackling sounds foster a sense of warmth and joy.

The ecological consciousness compels us to think about a new way of experiencing the hearth. Hygge Flames created a very realistic virtual fireplace, a fireplace without the disadvantages of burning fire and without the heat.

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