Model: 3-ZIJDIG / 3-SIDED / 3 COTES




To create a 3-sided fireplace, we offer a customised finishing 'frame'.




How does a projection fireplace work?

The fire experience of our HOLOFIRES is created by the projection of flame images onto an angled glass plate. You see the flames virtually, in the form of a hologram. At the bottom and behind the glass are imitation logs with built-in LEDs that provide the glow. You look through the glass plate, as it were, and see the hologram flames (at the front of the glass plate) and glowing LED logs (at the back of the glass plate) as one. Just like a lifelike burning fireplace. The high quality ensures that this is indistinguishable from a real fire.


What happens to the flame pattern with a corner fireplace?

1)No visible flames from the side(s)

As the flames are projected onto the glass plate, they are only visible from the front view. In side view, you only see the slanted glass plate and the glowing LED log set - no flames are visible there (see pictogram photo gallery)

2) The more light the less the visible images

Hologram fireplaces are sensitive to light. The images are projected through a monitor and, as with any screen (TV, computer), if you have more light, you have a poorer view. As we strive for the perfect view of the flames, we only offer the fireplaces as front models (front view) - and not with additional light through open side(s). The bright screen in the 3-sided closed fireplace box, together with the LED logs, ensures an ultra-realistic fire experience.




As an alternative to a corner fireplace, we offer a 3-sided finish frame. With our specialisation in custom-made steel frames, we can make any design in our own workshop. The photo gallery shows one of our corner models.


The steel frames are offered as an additional finish around our Holofire fireplaces.



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