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Apart from the fireplace


>sleek design (no disturbing edges, no extra window in the front as isolator for electronics)

> high-quality heating system with many settings and sufficient heat (no ordinary blower with little heat)


Hygge Flames HOLOFIRES are 100% electronic fireplaces whose components should not be located near heat. To preserve the aesthetic aspect and quality of the components used, we offer separate ambient heating elements that can be integrated into the 'concept' of the fireplace. These do not aim to heat the house, but only give the feeling of warmth at very close range.



Dimensions (mm) and consumption

120x490x226 (lxwxd)

800W / 1600W / 2400W



Compact and small in size. Easy to build in anywhere. Ensures rapid heating of the room. You can feel the heat up close and the unit is remote-controlled. One drawback is that the traditional baseboard heater has a fan that makes noise during use.



Dimensions and consumption:

600x400 (210W - 3à4m2)

900x300 (260W - 3 to 5m2)

800 x 1200 (1000W - 14à20m2)


RAL9003 (white)

RAL9005 (black)


Finishing frames:

We integrate the infrared panel into a Hygge Flames finishing frame. This can be according to standard dimensions (see downloads below) or customised, depending on the design. For a steel finishing frame, you can choose from black or blue rolled steel combined with the black heat panel (same colour as inside of the fireplace).


WHY infrared panel ?

The Hygge Flames hologram fireplaces were developed for people looking for the cosiness of a 'real' fireplace but without the function of heating. After all, well-insulated homes no longer need extra heat. If you still want to feel some atmospheric warmth while standing or sitting in front of the fireplace, a separate heating element can be used at a sufficient distance from the electronics. (The electronic components present in the appliance do not allow the use of heat in the immediate vicinity).

Since our hygge flames holohires are designed from a minimalist point of view, we do not advocate adding a heat blower on top of the fireplace appliance. This creates an additional raised area with a thick metal edge, which is not in keeping with the sleek look we strive for. Also, when installing, extra space must be provided for the heat blower and the necessary air circulation, and finished with fire-safe materials. The heat is blown out of a small opening and is insufficient to heat up a room. You can only feel it at very close range (0.5m). Also, this appliance brings noise pollution (fan) and air movement.


HEALTHY lifestyle

With Hygge Flames, we aim for a sustainable fireplace that is also good for mental and physical well-being. No combustion, no waste of fossil fuels, low electricity consumption (max 45W). The hearth fire is so lifelike that it makes you feel at peace. There are no disturbing elements and we wish to keep it that way.

This is why we prefer a sober infrared heat panel for external ambient heating. Infrared rays work by heating matter and the play of reflection. It brings no dust circulation and no noise pollution, but cosy and pleasant warmth!

They offer healthy heat, it relaxes muscles, improves blood flow (rheumatism) and is very beneficial for people with allergies or asthma, no air is displaced.


HOW does it work?

The warm-up time is about 10 min, after which the panel emits long-wave radiation via its entire front surface to heat the room. Panels have a radiation angle of 170 degrees. The radiation range is approx. 1 to 3m, depending on the ambient temperature and the power of the panel. You soon experience the comfort of infrared long-wave radiation. The infrared rays are converted into heat as soon as they reflect on something. The rays touch your skin but do not penetrate deeply. This creates a very pleasant feeling of warmth. They heat the room by warming up objects, floor and walls. These objects retain the heat and then transfer it to the room. The infrared radiation reflects on almost everything (not glass).



The ambient heating is offered as an external addition to the Holofires



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