Exclusive DESIGN HoloFires

  • 100% electric fireplace
  • Choice of 8 fire images (wood + modern gas flames) and natural crackling sound
  • Flexible interior finishing
  • 3D view up to 180°, no line feel
  • Ultra-realistic glowing LED logs
  • Natural crackling sound
  • Optional ambiant heating element



>O'RIGINAL 70  'Retractable' projection glass

Length: 800 mm (710 hearth + 800 front frame)

Depth: 507  mm (482 hearth + 25 front frame)

Height: 583 mm

Fire opening: 700x360 (lxh)

Recommended in rooms with plenty of daylight

3 Possibilities for use: 1)choice of 8 fire images (wood and modern gas flames), 2)only the glowing logs, 3)when the fire is not burning: visible interior finish as in a real fireplace

Dimension drawing --> see photo gallery


>B'RIGINAL 70  'Fixed' projection glass

Length: 720 mm

Depth: 507 mm

Height: 583 mm

Fire opening: 672x400 (lxh)

Recommended in rooms with little daylight

1 application option: choice of 8 fire images (wood and modern gas flames), when the fire is not burning the projection glass with its reflection remains visible


O'RIGINAL (O') & B'RIGINAL (B') --> more info here

DOWNLOADS --> view all drawings here

FINISHES --> more info here 

FRAMES & CONCEPTS --> more info here


Technical Facilities

  • Plug&play - implementation at every stage of the project
  • An ordinary socket is sufficient
  • No chimney, no gas supply, no water
  • No fireproof casing (if no heating element): finishing possible in ALL conceivable materials


What makes a Holofire so special?

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--> more info here 




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