Model: HOLOFIRE 80


Exclusive DESIGN Hologram fireplaces

N a t u r a l,  j u s t  r e a l

E c o l o g i c  &  L o c a l

P e r s o n a l i s e d

Choice of 8 fire images (wood + modern gas flames) and crackling sound

Flexible interior finishing

Custom-made finishing frames





'Retractable' projection glass

Length: 820 mm

Depth: 588 mm

Height: 614 mm

Fire opening:  800x392 (lxh)

Recommended in rooms with plenty of daylight

3 Possibilities for use: 1)choice of 8 fire images (wood and modern gas flames), 2)only the glowing logs, 3)when the fire is not burning: visible interior finish as in a real fireplace

Dimension drawing --> see photo gallery



'Fixed' projection window

Length: 820 mm

Depth: 580 mm

Height: 614 mm

Fire opening:  772x440 (lxh)

Recommended in rooms with little daylight

1 application option: choice of 8 fire images (wood and modern gas flames), when the fire is not burning the projection glass with its reflection remains visible



O'RIGINAL (O') & B'RIGINAL (B') --> more info here

Downloads--> view all drawings here




Model: Built-in or free-standing

'Open' fireplacefire opening without vertical glass plate

The fireplace can be installed frameless or with (partially) visible base frame, with or without a finishing frame (made to measure). The appliance was conceived so that all components are accessible from the fire opening, no break-out afterwards.

Options --> view all options here

Customised finishing frames --> more info here

Videos --> watch the fire experience here

Projects --> get inspired here




Lifelike 3D hologram fire experience. The illusion is created by blending the projected flames on a present LED log set and crackling sound.

  • Own developed Holofires™ Augmented Reality Technology for virtual representation of traditional wood and modern gas flames.
  • Unique 3D view of up to 180°! Wherever you sit or stand, the picture quality remains constant. No TV feel, no aligned images.
  • Own programmed micro LEDs - for the reproduction of real glowing logs 
  • Patented



  • Architectural electric fireplace
  • Authentic fire experience
  • Naturally glowing logset with coloured micro LEDs IN the logs, handmade in small batches
  • Retractable projection glass® (O'RIGINAL): the look of a real fireplace, even in separate glow mode or when not on fire
  • Perfect colour reproduction: high-quality screen and projection glass
  • Unique: the fireplace can be tightly built in with no visible interfering edges. All components are accessible from the front fire opening 
  • Atmosphere heating optional. To preserve the sober and minimalist look, this electric heating element is best incorporated separately into the wall



  • Easy to install at any stage of the project: only a regular plug needed, appliance is pre-assembled
  • Easy to use, no maintenance
  • Safe for children and pets, ideal for public areas



  • 100% electric: no chimney, no gas, no water, no bioethanol
  • Low consumption: 40W, 0.03 euro/h
  • Belgium made, handcrafted in small series
  • All materials of high quality
  • Circular fireplace concept
  • Enjoying the fireplace with love for the environment



Technical Facilities

  • Plug&play - implementation at every stage of the project
  • An ordinary socket is sufficient
  • Compatible with home automation (via smart plug)
  • Easy installation, simple conversion, no specific requirements
  • No drain, no gas supply, no water
  • No fireproof casing (if no heating element): finishing possible in ALL conceivable materials
  • No extra air ventilation (via fire opening)
  • Plug&play. Pre-assembled, no kit
  • Fully accessible without breaking out, after installation all parts are accessible from the front fire opening



How does it work?

100% electric. The fire experience is created using holograms in combination with the LED logs and crackling sound. At the top is a screen that projects flame images onto an angled semi-permeable glass plate. At the bottom (behind) the glass are imitation logs with built-in LEDs that provide the glow. You look through the glass plate, as it were, and see a lifelike natural burning fire. The high quality ensures that it is indistinguishable from a real fire.



How to install?

Very easy to install, like a simple electric appliance. No connection to a flue, with a plug for a normal socket. No fireplace builder needed! The interior builder can easily integrate the HoloFire into the finish of the fireplace wall.

Place the appliance on a stable base. The fireplace is completely pre-assembled, except for the glass plate. This is supplied separately for safe transport and can be easily installed by removing two profiles. Insert the 240V plug into the wall socket. Make sure the socket remains accessible.




Additional features

  • Simple remote control
  • Additional controls on the appliance
  • LED logset: handcrafted in small series
  • Reflective glass
  • Full HD LCD monitor with brand guarantee, bright screen
  • 30,000 LED hours
  • High-quality parts





  • Model: recessed or freestanding
  • Fire source: electric
  • Fire supply: unlimited
  • Consumption: max.40W
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • CE Certified
  • Weight: 63 kg




What do we offer extra?

>Viewing implementation drawings

>Help in the design of your favourite fireplace wall with one of our hygge flames fireplaces.





Price on request

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