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Flexible interior finishing

As architectural hologram fireplaces, HOLOFIRES are true design pieces. Their sleek shape and the use of austere materials create an austere look. In addition, the personalised interior finish gives the interior designer complete freedom in creating a unique fireplace concept. With the holofire type Hygge ORIGINAL, the glass plate can be fully retracted after use. The chosen interior design then comes into full focus and lifts the HOLOFIRES hologram fireplaces to a high-end level.

As standard, the interior is flat steel.

Depending on the atmosphere of the interior, a suitable interior finish can be chosen:




For the look of a modern open wood fire

As standard, we offer both vertical and horizontal ribbed panels for the rear and side walls.

These are also available separately and can be integrated into the steel finishing frames.




To reproduce the natural glow of the burning fire on the back wall, we offer specially designed ceramic tiles in terracotta look. The glaze finish is top quality and the tiles are handcrafted in our region.




We also offer personalised interior finishes to match the overall interior concept. For this purpose, we make basic panels, whether or not in the colour and/or material of the interior. The reflection of the fire on this customised interior finish creates a unique fireplace experience.



The flexible interior finish is offered as a design tool for the creation of your unique Holofire.



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