Option: Vonkenscherm deco / Spark screen deco / Pare-feu déco



Decorative spark screen

Made of real metal mesh


1) Low spark screen


Visually sealing the narrow gap between the glass and the bottom plate.

The Holofire type Hygge O'RIGINAL has the option of completely stowing away the 'slanted' glass plate after use and making it invisible. This requires additional depth. If we were to let the glass plate come up against the bottom plate with the possibility of sliding in, the fireplace would have to be made even deeper, which is not desirable. Therefore, a narrow gap remains visible between the glass and the bottom plate. As a visual solution to this, we offer the spark strip.

>'loose' in the fireplace unit

>As a modern (transparent) ashtray

>Application: Holofire type Hygge O'RIGINAL

>Combination with spark 'FRAME' or spark 'SCREEN' possible (see below)


2)High spark screen


When the fireplace burns in plenty of daylight, there may be a reflection on the glass which makes the flames difficult to see. By placing a high spark screen in the fire opening, less light enters the fireplace making the flames clearly visible. This allows you to fully enjoy the fire at any time of day.

>'loose' in the fireplace

>As a real removable spark screen

>Application: Holofire type Hygge O'RIGINAL / Hygge B'RIGINAL

>Combination with spark 'STRIP' possible (see above)


The decorative spark guards are offered as a design tool for the Holofires

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