HYGGE Flames. Pionieer.
3D holographic decorative fireplace, no combustion, no heat
The smart virtual fire for any space, the only true alternative to the traditional fireplace

Combining Belgian craftsmanship and a Danish ethos,
effortless cosiness and sustainability find expression in HYGGE Flames




Looking for a fireplace? Our world is changing...



We've reimagined the fireplace
 The ultimate illusion of natural fireplace delivered by
our European patented Holo-3D Flames Technology


All your HYGGE Flames needs is electricity!
No chimney, no heat - new building & insulation regulations
3D holographic flame images + crackling sound 

 P I O N I E R  -  H I G H  T E C H

Hygge Flames transcends the limitations of traditional wood, electric or gas offerings.
  • patented 3D holographic fireplace - the only true alternative to the traditional fireplace
  • 15 hyper-realistic visuals of woodfire flames, enchanting sparks, drifting smoke 
  • 2-screens technology. a combination of real flame images and HD video from 2 high quality LED screens, semi-transparent mirror and a realistic burning logset to create the perfect illusion of a wood fire
  • natural logset lit from the inside using the dynamic colour LED lighting technology - to simulate flames emanating from the logs and glowing embers
  • 2 built-in speakers producing the realistic sound of a crackling fire
  • remote control - easily adjustable flames and crackling sound
  • fully retractable mirror

Hygge Flames, the ultimate contemporary virtual fireplace!




C U S T O M I Z E D   A T M O S P H E RE


Hygge Flames can be effortlessly integrated into any space: private houses, apartments, offices and hospitality interiors - lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, cafés, bars, lounges, fitness clubs, spas, country clubs... Even the pool house or yacht. Intelligently designed to save space, it can easilybe installed in any room. There are no technical limitations. Hygge Flames can even be built into your existing wood or gas fireplace or inserted into your old open fireplace to bring it back to life.

  • the beauty of a woodfire, adapted to our new life-style
  • select your prefered image of the flames, backwall (bricks, black ribbed panels or plain steel) and adapted glow of the embers, from a smooth burn to a roaring fire
  • modern design and perfect view on the fire
  • each logset is a unique handcrafted creation
  • Depending on the desired atmosphere, there is the option to choose only for the glowing logset 
  • the opportunity to further customize your Hygge Flames by adding some ashes and coals as a finishing touch to the logs
  • mastery of sound: from silence to natural crackling
  • different models available: built-in, wall mounted, freestanding 
  • personalise your Hygge Flames by selecting from a range of standard or custom-made frames and surrounds, each crafted from high quality materials including blue laminated, black, rusted or powder coated steel.
  • even when it’s turned off, it looks like natural logs waiting to be ignited
  • soothing and relaxing ambiance anytime of the year


 As the centerpiece of any space, anywhere, Hygge Flames truly provides the ‘hygge’ atmosphere.





Hygge Flames, the virtual fireplace with respect for the well-being of tomorrow's generation.

  • no wood, no gas, no combustion
  • zero emissions, zero dust, zero CO2
Increased awareness of climate change and the importance of sustainability has lead to building codes with greater energy efficiency requirements, resulting in better insulated and smart tech-outfitted homes. It also encourages people to choose sustainable building materials, habits, and products.
Our homes are not adapted to the blazing heat of a wood or gas fire, and we have far more efficient heating solutions. It is time for a clean solution that provides the ambience people love, without the
emissions and dust of traditional fireplaces.

With respect for our planet.






Simple and compact, electricity is all you need.

  • no fire hazards, no hot embers, no risk of CO poisoning
  • zero burns – children and pets can play in absolute safety
  • no danger to clients in commercial or public spaces
Hygge Flames offers complete peace of mind: no combustion, no dust, no burns, no fire hazards, no hot embers, no emission of harmful fumes, no risk of CO poisoning, no maintenance – no ashes to clean up, no soot accumulation on the glass, no wood-storage required.

Children and pets can play in absolute safety and in public or commercial spaces, there is no danger to clients.



S M A R T   L I V I N G


Hygge Flames stands for 'smart living'. Sustainability is the starting point of the creation of Hygge Flames. The fireplace has been developed taking into account environmental legislation.

  • no chimney, no air inlet, no gas line, no fireproof materials
  • compact unit, space-saving
  • easy to install in any room or into your existing wood or gas fire
  • low maintenance – no soot, no ashes, no wood-storage
  • when moving, simply un

Conceived with only the highest quality materials, powered by electricity and developed to be in extreme accordance with environmental legislation, Hygge Flames is designed with sustainability in min.

Hygge Flames, the ecological fireplace without fossil fuels and without emission of flue gases.



B U D G E T  S P L I T


  • duurzaam
  • low power consumption

With its smart technology and lifelike fire images, Hygge Flames belongs to the category of high-end fireplaces. However, the more virtual the flames, the more advanced the technology used, the more expensive the virtual fireplace. The price of Hygge Flames can be compared with the purchase of a traditional fireplace, the necessary technical facilities, the flue, the installation and fire-resistant materials.

With an electricity consumption of max 65W and in combination with green energy, the annual operating cost is minimal. The prices of wood and gas are also on the rise and the stock of fossil fuels is increasingly being compromised.

Hygge Flames, the affordable modern decorative fireplace, cheaper than a traditional wood or gas fireplace and good for our well-being and the environment.


M A D E   I N   B E L G I U M


The combination of Belgian craftsmanship and the Danish art of living, authentic cosiness and sustainability is reflected in Hygge Flames.

Hygge Flames’ patented Holo-3D Flames Technology optimizes an age-old phenomenon called “Pepper’s Ghost” principle, an optical illusion historically used in the theatre.

Two high quality screens with combined videos and audio recordings of real fires, colour adaptive micro LED lights, a specially coated mirror, and the highest quality materials are combined to create an intensely lifelike three- dimensional illusion of dancing flames, drifting smoke, enchanting sparks and a truly natural appearing burning logset.


Hygge Flames is the result of our creative search for a new generation of sustainable fireplaces.






The design of Hygge Flames' 3D Holographic Flame Box originated from a quest for beauty in simplicity. Sober & compact, frameless installation, custom finish, only electricity.  As a built-in decorative fireplace or free-standing designer furniture, this high-tech fire can easily be integrated in complete harmony with the interior design - no technical restrictions and complete freedom of choice of materials. Sustainable and timeless, Hygge Flames offers the ultimate interior experience fostering cosiness ane moments of joy all in complete harmony with the environment.
In addition to striving for an optimal virtual fire experience, we think it is equally important that when the fireplace is not burning, the Hygge Flames box radiates class. We developed a system with a fully retractable mirror where after use only the sleek interior with lifelike handmade log set is visible. This is UNIQUE. There is no disturbing reflection of interior elements and glass. The Holographic Flame Box in its purest form!
Hygge Flames, the virtual eco-design fireplace for increased well-being in every room. The unparalleled Scandinavia 'hygge' experience, all year round.  


Apartments, private homes, lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, shops, public spaces ...
 More Hygge Flames projects

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