All the cosy, none of the CO2

  • 100% electric
  • Holographic and LED technology for lifelike flame images; no wood, no gas, no water
  • Choose from 8 different flame images of wood or gas fires
  • Adjustable crackling sound of a wood fire
  • Registered Patents




  • No combustion, no emissions
  • No waste of fossil fuels (gas)
  • Low energy consumption (max 55W without heat)
  • High-quality materials with a long lifespan
  • Local production and assembly in Belgium
  • The cosiness of a real fireplace, all year round




  • The fire experience for any space
  • Choose your favorite flames, from a smooth to a fiercely burning wood or gas fire
  • Built-in and freestanding models, various dimensions and customization
  • Minimalistic design, can be built-in without visible frame 
  • Unique: the glass, necessary for the creation of the hologram images is fully retractable.  After use, the fireplace looks like a real fireplace, only the lifelike log set is visible, no reflection
  • Personalize the logset and add coals and ashes
  • Optional heating element



  • Plug & play, no complicated assembly, an ordinary socket is sufficient, pre-assembled in our workshops in Belgium
  • No flue, no air supply, no gas network
  • No fire proof materials, no technical restrictions
  • Complete freedom in design and choice of materials
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Easy to use, turn on and off whenever you want, simple remote control
  • Little maintenance, no soot formation, no ashes, no wood storage, no annual inspection
  • All used parts are accessible from the inside and can be easily replaced, without disassemble the fireplace
  • Installation on a central switching system is possible



  • No fire hazard, no burning coals
  • No smoke, no odor nuisance 
  • No gas emissions, no risk of CO poisoning
  • Children and pets cannot get burned 



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