Do you care about the environment?
Can't you install a traditional fireplace?
As a Belgian manufacturer, we created «Hygge Flames»,
the lifelike electric design fireplace with hyper-realistic fire effect.
A beautiful electric fire that brings atmosphere and warmth.


Hygge Flames, the ecological fire experience without emissions
and without fossil fuels




Looking for a fireplace? Our world is changing...



The electric fireplace reinvented
The ultimate illusion of a real burning fire without wood, without gas, without a flue,
through holographic 3D technology!
A projection system of real recorded flames combined with one hyper-realistic glowing
logset and LED technology.
Choice of 15 atmospheres, different sizes and custom-made
The sleekest holographic fireplace
The mirror needed for the creation of the flames is fully retractable
Clean lines, no glass, no disturbing elements when the fire is not lit. 
Easy to install, all parts are accessible from the inside
The holographic flames box 2.0

 How do we distinguish ourselves?


Modern technology

  • 100% electric, no wood, no gas, no water
  • Hologram and LED technology. Projection of actually recorded flame images on a semi-transparent mirror ensures the reproduction of lifelike flame images.
  • Naturally glowing log set - 400 individually programmed and energy-efficient moving LEDs provide a lifelike glow
  • Choose from 15 different atmospheres of wood or gas fires, your preference is automatically saved
  • Adjustable crackling sound of a wood fire
  • Registered patents




C U S T O M I Z E D   A T M O S P H E RE

  • Like a real 'open' fireplace without glass, minimalistic design, without visible frame 
  • Choose your favorite fire - from soft to fiercely burning wood or gas flames, with black or masonry rear wall or just the glowing log set
  • The mirror, necessary for the creation of the holographic 3D images, is fully retractable. This allows for various uses, so that you have a perfect view of the flames at any time of the day. After use, the fireplace looks like a real fireplace, only the lifelike log set is visible, no reflection
  • Each log set is a unique creation of real wood blocks and handmade in Belgium
  • Personalize your fireplace and add coals and ashes
  • No water vapor, no fake feeling
  • Built-in and freestanding models, multiple dimensions and customization
  • Optional, thermostatic atmosphere heater up to 2.4 kW - can be built in completely separately from the fireplace, so the sleek fireplace design can be preserved
  • Soothing and relaxing ambiance, anytime of the year



  • An ordinary socket is sufficient
  • No flue, no gas network, no fire-safe casing, no technical restrictions
  • Complete freedom in design and choice of materials
  • Compact and space-saving, it can be installed anywhere in a new fireplace wall or as a replacement for an existing fireplace
  • Easy to use, turn on and off whenever you want, simple remote control
  • Little maintenance, no soot formation, no ashes, no wood storage, no annual inspection
  • All used parts are accessible from the inside and can be easily replaced
  • Plug & play - pre-assembled in our workshops in Belgium, during installation work can be done up to the hearth, no extra air supply, no complicated assembly
  • Hotel switch - installation on a central switching system is possible



  • 100% electric - green energy
  • Environmentally friendly, no combustion, no emissions
  • No waste of fossil fuels (gas)
  • Low energy consumption (max 55W without heat)
  • High-quality materials with a long lifespan, 30,000 burning hours
  • Small footprint. Local production and assembly in Belgium
Healthy living
Biophilic design. In biophilic interiors, natural elements are incorporated into the interior. This ensures peace and relaxation. With the Hygge Flames fireplace you create a cozy atmosphere that contributes to your well-being.






  • No fire hazard
  • No smoke, no odor nuisance from the neighbors
  • No gas emissions, no risk of CO poisoning
  • Children and pets cannot get burned (no heat)
  • Safe for the visitor of commercial and public areas



M A D E   I N   B E L G I U M

There is a need for an ecological solution to replace the traditional fireplace.

With our innovative spin-off from our Belgian 'fireplaces' family business, we developed this new fire concept, based on the principle of "Pepper's Ghost". This is an optical illusion that has been used in theater performances as far back as the 19th century.
Hygge Flames is the result of our creative search for a new generation of sustainable fireplaces.
Why are we called Hygge Flames? An innovative fireplace with a boring name? Rather not. We went for storytelling and found our inspiration in 'hygge', the Scandinavian lifestyle in which creating a cozy atmosphere and taking care of nature is central, which is the vision behind our product.
The combination of Belgian craftsmanship and the Danish art of living, authentic cosiness and sustainability is reflected in Hygge Flames

B U D G E T  S P L I T

  • Sustainable
  • Low energy consumption
With its smart technology and lifelike fire images, Hygge Flames belongs to the category of high-end decorative fireplaces. However, the more the virtual flames, the more advanced the technology used, the higher the price of the virtual fireplace. The budget for a Hygge Flames can be compared to that of a wood or gas fire.
In combination with green energy, the annual operating cost is minimal. The prices of wood and gas are also on the rise and the stock of fossil fuels is increasingly under threat.
Hygge Flames, the affordable smart virtual design fireplace, cheaper than a traditional wood or gas fireplace and good for our well-being and the environment.

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Aesthetic and safe alternative to the traditional fireplace 


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