All the cosy none of the CO2

Looking for a fireplace? Our world is changing... 
Our homes are not adapted to the blazing heat of a wood or gas fire, and we have far more
efficient heating solutions. It is time for a clean solution that provides the fireplace ambience
people love, without the emissions and dust of traditional fireplaces. 


We created the fireplace adapted to our
new lifestyle:







Projection Technology
100% Electric

max. 40W - 0.03 €/h





Hygge Flames, Belgian manufacturer and inventor of the 3D hologram fireplaces HOLOFIRES™, has been the reference of this Luxury Eco Fireplace System since 2019.
These electric holographic fireplaces are one of the most advanced virtual fireplaces on the market. By using projection technology, the flames are reproduced lifelike. This creates a super realistic 3D fire image, as if you were looking at a real 'open' fireplace. And this without a flue and without emissions.
The details make the difference. Design and technology are central. The HOLOFIRES™ were designed from an aesthetic point of view with great attention to simple materials and clean details. We offer a unique range of design fireplaces with many customization options. This ensures a product that can be perfectly integrated into any interior. Our R&D team continues to perfect the HOLOFIRES™ so that you can enjoy the best quality. And we are proud of that!



H O W  D O E S  I T  W O R K ?

A normal socket is sufficient. The fire experience is created by means of holograms in combination with the LED trunks. At the top is a screen that projects real recorded flame images onto an oblique semi-permeable glass plate. At the bottom (behind) the glass are imitation wood blocks with built-in LEDs that provide the glow. You look through the glass plate and see a lifelike naturally burning fire. The high quality ensures that this is indistinguishable from a real fire.
Choice of 8 flame images (wood and gas) and adjustable crackling sound. An atmospheric heater is offered separately (infrared panel or plinth heater). The glass serves to display the flame images and is fully retractable. This creates 3 possibilities for use:
1) 'With' visible glass: flames + glowing logs
2) 'Without' visible glass: only glowing logs
3) Even when the fireplace is not burning, it radiates simplicity and tranquility. The completely 'stowed' window ensures that no reflection is visible. The sober interior finish also subtly matches the design of the fireplace wall.



  • 100% electric
  • Holographic and LED technology for lifelike flame images; no wood, no gas, no water
  • Choose from 8 different flame images of wood or gas fires
  • Adjustable crackling sound of a wood fire
  • Registered Patents
  • Made in Belgium
The n°1 hologram fireplace. The perfect alternative to the traditional fireplace without its drawbacks




  • No combustion, no emissions
  • No waste of fossil fuels (gas)
  • Low energy consumption (max 55W without heat)
  • High-quality materials with a long lifespan
  • Local production and assembly in Belgium
100% guarantee on really healthy enjoyment of the fireplace




  • The fire experience for any space
  • Choose your favorite flames, from a smooth to a fiercely burning wood or gas fire
  • Built-in and freestanding models, various dimensions and customization
  • Minimalistic design, can be built-in without visible frame 
  • Unique: the glass, necessary for the creation of the hologram images is fully retractable.  After use, the fireplace looks like a real fireplace, only the lifelike log set is visible, no reflection
  • Personalize the logset and add coals and ashes
  • Optional heating element
The cosiness of the fireplace, all year round


  • Plug & play, no complicated assembly, an ordinary socket is sufficient, pre-assembled in our workshops in Belgium
  • No flue, no air supply, no gas network
  • No fire proof materials, no technical restrictions
  • Complete freedom in design and choice of materials
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Easy to use, turn on and off whenever you want, simple remote control
  • Little maintenance, no soot formation, no ashes, no wood storage, no annual inspection
  • All used parts are accessible from the inside and can be easily replaced, without disassemble the fireplace
  • Installation on a central switching system is possible
Simple, compact and when you move, you just take it with you


  • No fire hazard, no burning coals
  • No smoke, no odor nuisance 
  • No gas emissions, no risk of CO poisoning
  • Children and pets cannot get burned 
Carefree by the fireplace, absolutely safe



Curious what this fireplace looks like?





All the cosy, none of the CO2


Hygge Flames, the perfect alternative to the traditional fireplace
The Hygge Flames hologram fireplaces are one of the most advanced electric 3D fireplaces on the market. No flue is required for operation and self-generated energy can be used. Due to the compact shape, the fireplace can be installed anywhere, there are no technical obstacles and the finish can be done with all conceivable materials. The fireplaces are available in different sizes and can be built-in in many ways, even without a visible frame or with a finishing frame custom-made
How does the Hygge Flames holofire work?
The lifelike virtual fireplace experience. The Hygge holofire is a 100% electric fire where the ultra-realistic flame images are displayed according to the principle of a hologram, 3D images. At the top is a screen that uses holographic technology to project real recorded flame images onto a tilted glass plate. At the bottom are imitation logs with built-in LEDs that provide a natural glow. You look, as it were, through the glass plate and see a lifelike burning fire in 3D, which is indistinguishable from a real fire. When switching off the fire, the glass plate is fully retractable, which provides a full view of the sleek interior of the appliance.



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