Let’s enhance life, it’s the only one we have.

When people go to a bar, a restaurant, a hotel, the gym, travel, shopping,… they want an experience - something fulfilling. Atmosphere is everything. Would it not be amazing to have a fireplace that could adapt to any space? To create a space worth visiting?


Architectural Hologram Fireplaces  


lifelike, minimalistic & unique 

The projection of traditional wood & modern gas flames on an ultra-realistic
LED log set provides the perfect illusion of a burning fireplace.
. Choice of multiple fire patterns, ribbed finish, optional heating element.
The fully retractable window allows for 3 uses.
Sober & sleek, designed from an aesthetic point of view. The fireplace can be built in
without visible edges and finished with a custom steel frame.
Lively and just real, even when the fire is not lit. Patented.


It's all in the details


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