Creating an authentic ‘Hygge’ atmosphere, in any space!

Hygge Flames can be effortlessly integrated into any space: private houses, apartments, offices and hospitality interiors - lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, cafés, bars, lounges, fitness clubs, spas, country clubs... Even the pool house or yacht.  

Intelligently designed to save space, it can easily be installed in any room. All you need to power Hygge Flames is a standard outlet and there are no technical limitations. Hygge Flames can even be built into your existing wood or gas fireplace or inserted into your old open fireplace to bring it back to life.  

Models are available as built-in, wall mounted, freestanding or moveable units. Personalise your Hygge Flames by selecting from a range of standard or custom-made designs, each crafted from high quality materials including blue laminated, black, rusted or powder coated steel; or fully customize your own unique design. As the centerpiece of any space, anywhere, Hygge Flames truly provides the ‘hygge’ atmosphere.


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