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Biophilia literally means 'to love life'. The term consists of the Greek word 'bio' and suffix '-filie'. Edward O. Wilson introduced the idea in 1984: that people naturally tend to seek a bond with nature.
The attraction we have to natural elements is deeply anchored in our biology. More and more people are working with the concept of biophilic design when conceiving buildings and spaces: natural biomorphic forms, materials sourced from nature, daylight, a view of greenery, plants, fire, water, animals, smells etc. are integrated into these interior design concepts. Facilitating the biological bond between people and nature has been proven to enhance productivity and reduce stress.
Indeed, the presence of a fireplace and the visuals of fire, a natural element, help promote an atmosphere of peace and relaxation that is in sync with biophilic pinciples.  HYGGE Flames allos you to create such an atmosphere in complete harmony with nature. 



Our products

Holographic Flame Box

> Smart design & Holographic 3D Flames Technology - double projection of real flames together with semi-transparent mirror and handmade logset - to create lifelike flames, the only true alternative to the traditional fireplace
> A simple electrical outlet connection
> Zero emissions, zero smoke, zero dust
> Low energy consumption (max 65W), long-life LED technology, choice of heat - well-insulated homes no longer need additional heating and kids cannot burn themselves
> Create your own atmosphere - simple remote control, choice of 15 hyper-realistic 3D visuals of flames, enchanting sparks, drifting smoke and glowing embers - from a smooth burn to a roaring fire, adjustable crackling sound, backwall with bricks of black plain steel and extra features
> Endless possibilities - flexible and compact, minimal design, no flue pipe, no air inlet, no gas line, no fire-resistant materials, possibility of installation on a hotel switch ...
> Easy to install - perfect image adjustment & complete pre-assembly in our factory in Belgium
> No wood or gas supply, no shafts, no soot, no annual maintenance
> High-quality materials, UNIQUE: fully retractable mirror - no disturbing glass visible after use, only the pure interior of the fireplace
> Patents
Hygge Flames, the ecological fireplace without fossil fuels and without emissions. A choice that our planet will certainly appreciate.  


AMBIANCE FIREPLACE: Built-in & Freestanding, Custom finishing frames 

DESIGN FURNITURE: Design ambiance furniture


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