The atmosphere of a real fireplace

without fake feeling





Innovative & Exclusive. Holofires transcends the boundaries of traditional wood, gas and electric fireplaces. Designed to love, made to last. Our R&D team continues to perfect HOLOFIRES™ so you can enjoy the bébest quality. And we are proud of that!


Simplicity and beauty
Architectural Holofires fireplaces are carefully designed to create an exclusive and decorative atmosphere in sophisticated interiors. They integrate perfectly in luxury homes, commercial spaces and international interiors. Moreover, they offer a perfect solution in situations where for safety or practical reasons it is not possible to install a traditional fireplace.



Customization is our specialty
Push your creative boundaries with our custom Holofires concepts. At Holofires, we offer a wide range of finishing options, allowing you to fully personalize your hologram fireplace. Our experienced craftsmen bring the designer's vision to life in a unique fireplace concept tailored just for you.


High quality

> Smart design, with fully retractable window (patent)
> Refined finishing, not a mass product
> Proprietary developed technology & images
> High quality materials and electronic components
> Performing electric mood heating with thermostat, optional: Not the slight heat sensation of a blower
> Expertise in fireplaces: > 60 years traditional fireplace builder
> Made in Belgium




The ultimate 3D fireplace experience
Always the right atmosphere, even with lots of daylight!

> True "open" fireplace: no enclosed appliance
> No reflection: direct view of the interior finish via retractable window
> Pure view of the fire
> Wood and gas fire in one: with choice of 8 traditional wood and modern gas flames, crackling sound and optional ambient heating
> 3 Use options: *with flames, **single glowing logs, ***as a design piece.
> Ultra-realistic 3D flames <180°, as if the flames really come out of the logs: No floating effect, no line feel
> Lifelike logs: Crafted in small batches
> Natural glow from the logs: no overexposure, no projection 






 All the cosy none of the CO2




Respect our planet, we only have one

Equipped with efficient and sustainable heating solutions, our homes no longer have the heat requirements of wood and gas fireplaces.

People are looking for an alternative to the indispensable atmosphere of a burning fireplace. There is a need for an ecological solution to replace the traditional fireplace - an innovative product that reproduces the atmosphere of a burning hearth but with no harmful emissions


Small is beautiful

We are going to live and live differently: repurposing buildings, living together, smart tech-people are returning to the city close to center facilities and moving into apartments and compact homes.

Unfortunately, sitting cozily by the fireplace is no longer possible for most residents. Fireplace options are limited and regulations make it difficult. Smaller spaces need smart living.


Authenticity & happiness

Life moves fast, we are busy, we have difficulty finding a moment of rest.
We begin to see that the essence of life is not in great things but in simple things. The pleasure of being with family, dinner with friends, reading a good book, playing a board game, knitting....
Unique experiences

Let's enjoy life, we only have one.

Atmosphere is everything. When people are at home, going to a bar ... Wouldn't it be great if there were a fireplace that could adapt to any space? So that spaces can be created that are worth visiting?





The perfect alternative to the traditional fireplace without the drawbacks of smoke, hazardous fuels and chimney maintenance





Sustainability is the starting point of the creation of Holofires. The fireplace was developed taking into account environmental legislation. High quality materials are used and only electricity is needed for operation. Energy consumption is negligible and fits perfectly into an energy efficient home. Holofires, the ecological fireplace without fossil fuels and without emission of fumes.

Even our production aims to have a minimal impact on the environment and to be part of the circular economy.

Holofires, a choice that our planet will appreciate.




Holofires can be easily integrated into any space: private homes, apartments, restaurants, lobbies, public spaces, stores, clubs ...

Simple and compact, Holofires can be placed anywhere. No special technical requirements need to be taken into account. This fireplace can therefore be easily built into a new or existing fireplace wall.




Carefree with the Holofire fireplace. Unlike traditional fireplaces, Holofires are completely safe. They produce no flames, heat or smoke, making them suitable for families with children, pets and people with respiratory problems



Installation is easy, electricity is all you need. All you need is an ordinary electrical outlet. No need for a chimney, air supply, gas pipe nor refractory materials.

Create your own atmosphere. Choose your desired flames - from a quiet to a fierce fire - with accompanying glow and crackling sound and optional heating element - at the push of a button.

With Holofires you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a burning fire all year round.

Low maintenance: no ash residue, no soot, no wood storage and no annual inspection. Only dusting the projection window.


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