Rib achterwand / Ribbed back panel / Plaque arrière rainurée


For the look of a traditional modern open wood fire



1.Fireplace with finely ribbed back panel + spark screen

2. & 3. Choice between Fine Ribbed (small) or Roughly Ribbed (wide) back panel

4.Fireplace with finely ribbed back panel + spark screen + glass plate (necessary for hologram images) 

5.Fireplace with roughly ribbed back panel + glass fully inserted (unique- retractable glass plate) + ashes as decoration around the logset

6.Fireplace with finely ribbed backwall + ashes around the imitation logs + inserted glass plate

7.Fireplace with plain steel back panel (=standard) + spark screen + fully inserted glass plate

8.The glass plate can be fully retracted. When the fireplace is not lit, it looks like a real design fireplace, sober and not disturbing in the interior. No reflections, only the sleek interior of the fireplace is visible. This is unique!



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