Hygge Concept 'BOGO' bronze

Name: BOGO

Fireplace: holofire™by Hygge version 2.0



Fireplace: Hygge 80

Frame: LOW80, Finishing bronze

Finish: Wooden planks Kebony deep burn fix + satin varnish



Wall finish with wooden planks also available custom


This concept is offered as an extra finish around the Hygge Flames fireplaces

More info about our holo fireplaces can be found here

Technical drawings see 'downloads' below


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Architectural Hologram Fireplaces  


lifelike, minimalistic & unique 

The projection of traditional wood & modern gas flames on an ultra-realistic
LED log set provides the perfect illusion of a burning fireplace.
. Choice of multiple fire patterns, ribbed finish, optional heating element.
The fully retractable window allows for 3 uses.
Sober & sleek, designed from an aesthetic point of view. The fireplace can be built in
without visible edges and finished with a custom steel frame.
Lively and just real, even when the fire is not lit. Patented.


It's all in the details


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