Hygge 70 hologram fireplace

The Hygge 70 is a high-end electric design fireplace. With our own developed holographic technology we create the atmosphere of an ultra-realistic burning fire, without a fake 3D feeling. Depending on your wishes, you can choose from one of the 8 flame images, traditional wood or elongated gas flames. With its sleek design, the fireplace can be installed frameless. Cozy at the fireplace while being good for the environment: no emissions of harmful substances, safe & compact. Easy installation, a normal socket is sufficient, no other technical limitations. No fireproof housing, the Hygge 70 can be finished with all conceivable materials. Personalization possible with real ashes, branches, flakes… Ambient heating is offered as an option.




Version 2.0 

Belongs to the Agerø collection

  • Built-in without frame:  700mm x 360mm x 507mm (LxHxD)
  • With standard fireplace frame:  800mm x 583mm x 507mm (LxHxD)
  • Finishing frames in steel: standard or custom-made. Inspiration for concepts: see 'downloads' below or via this link
  • 4 installation options: see 'downloads' below


Dimension drawing: see photo gallery

Downloads: view all drawings here





Choice of 8 flame images

Choose your fire! Depending on your mood you can select between different types of woodburning fires or elongated flames. There are different colours to ensure you always have a nice view on the flames, even during the day (video here) 

Fully retractable glass plate

The glass plate, necessary for the virtual display of the images, is fully retractable. When the fireplace is not burning, it looks like a real modern 'open' fireplace, only the sleek fireplace interior and the lifelike log set are visible. Pure design, no glass is visible and there are no reflections (video here)  

Luxury LED logset

The logset is hand-made in Belgium, in small series. This makes each logset is a unique piece. The LED's are positioned in the logset and programmed so they look like a real glowing logset (video here



More info here  

Design back wall

For the finish of the fireplace interior of your Hygge Flames, you can choose from different rear wall panels: plain steel (standard), traditional ribbed or modern ribbed

Decorative spark shield

You can also opt for a spark screen as decoration. This completes the finish of your fireplace. The small spark screen is reminiscent of a modern wood-burning ash pan.

Atmospheric heating

For atmospheric heating, we offer infra-red panels that are processed in a steel finishing frame, standard or custom-made



  • Holographic 3D technology
  • 8 flame images (of real wood and gas fires)
  • Adjustable crackling sound
  • Remote controll
  • Fully retractable glass plate
  • Luxury LED logset
  • Compatible with home automation via socket
  • Easy to install: no kit, no technical limitations
  • Easy to repair: all parts are accessible from the opening in front, without having to disassemble the device


How to install? 

Place the appliance on a stable base. The fireplace is completely pre-assembled, except for the glass plate. It is supplied separately for safe transport and can be easily installed by removing two profiles. Insert the 240V plug into the socket, you don't need to provide fuel or water. Make sure that the socket remains accessible.



  • Model: built-in
  • Fire source: electric
  • Fire supply: unlimited Consumption without heating element: max.55W
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • CE certified
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Own technology and production, made in Belgium




Price on request

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Beauty in simplicity 


An electric fireplace as design product

Lifelike hologram fireplaces by projecting real flames on a LED logset and the sound of a
crackling fire. Choice of different atmospheres of traditional wood and modern gas flames.
Ambient heating is optionally offered. The Holofires are designed from an aesthetic point of
view, with attention to clean details and simple materials. In addition, the high image quality,
the optional finishings and the customization provide the ultimate virtual fireplace 
experience. Unique. With the fully retractable projection glass we offer 3 options for use.
Just like real, even when the fireplace does not burn.



Details matter



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