• Smart decorative 4D virtual fireplace with hyper-realistic holo-3D visuals of woodfire flamesand crackling sound
  • Unique 2-screens technology
  • Electric fireplace, only requiring a simple electrical outlet connection
  • Choice heat
  • Easy to install, no chimney, no technical requiries, no rules
  • Compact en flexible, easy to move
  • Ecological: no wood, no gas, no combustion, zero emissions
  • Safe: no fire hazards, no smell, no risk of CO poisoning
  • All with the touch of a button, select the appearance of your preferable images. Choose between 15 flame images and glowing embers
  • Adjustable sound, from silence to natural crackling
  • High quality LED screens with a long lifespan
  • Unique handmade and very lifelike logset with dynamic coloured LEDs 
  • Fully retractable mirror, leaving only the logset visible when Hygge flames is turned-off. 
  • Minimal design, high view on the flames 
  • All pieces are accessible from within 
  • For every design in every interior.  Available with timeless finishing frames, standard dimensions or custom-made design. MORE INFO
  • Low maintenance, no soot, no ashes, no wood-storage
  • EU patent



Material: metal
Designer: John De Smecht
Guarantee: 2 jaar
Dimensions:  L 820 x W 586 x H 614
Space: indoor use
Technical data: max 65W /  220-240V  /  50-60Hz  / RH 5-80%
Homologation: CE
Origin: Belgium





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The design of Hygge Flames' 3D Holographic Flame Box originated from a quest for beauty in simplicity. Sober & compact, frameless installation, custom finish, only electricity.  As a built-in decorative fireplace or free-standing designer furniture, this high-tech fire can easily be integrated in complete harmony with the interior design - no technical restrictions and complete freedom of choice of materials. Sustainable and timeless, Hygge Flames offers the ultimate interior experience fostering cosiness ane moments of joy all in complete harmony with the environment.
In addition to striving for an optimal virtual fire experience, we think it is equally important that when the fireplace is not burning, the Hygge Flames box radiates class. We developed a system with a fully retractable mirror where after use only the sleek interior with lifelike handmade log set is visible. This is UNIQUE. There is no disturbing reflection of interior elements and glass. The Holographic Flame Box in its purest form!
Hygge Flames, the virtual eco-design fireplace for increased well-being in every room. The unparalleled Scandinavia 'hygge' experience, all year round.  


Apartments, private homes, lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, shops, public spaces ...
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