FAROE TUBE (tube as deco)



Freestanding fireplace with hologram fire

100% electric



LxDxH : 840x535x990 + length custom tube



Fireplace: Hygge 70

Cover: veneer natural oak or earth tone

Leg: black steel

Tube: steel, black, height to be determined



Weight: min. 75 kg

Space: suitable for indoor use

Max 40W / 220-240V / 50-60Hz / RH 5-80%


Carefully made in Belgium


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Beauty in simplicity 


An electric fireplace as design product

Lifelike hologram fireplaces by projecting real flames on a LED logset and the sound of a
crackling fire. Choice of different atmospheres of traditional wood and modern gas flames.
Ambient heating is optionally offered. The Holofires are designed from an aesthetic point of
view, with attention to clean details and simple materials. In addition, the high image quality,
the optional finishings and the customization provide the ultimate virtual fireplace 
experience. Unique. With the fully retractable projection glass we offer 3 options for use.
Just like real, even when the fireplace does not burn.



Details matter



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