RIBE PLUS (tube as deco)

Easily installed in any space. A simple outlet is all you need. No chimney,  no fire-resistant materials or other technical aspects need to be considered.

Choose your own finishing.

Dimensions: L 840 x W 535 x H 605 + H tube custom made

Hygge Flames offers the ultimate interior experience and creates a warm atmosphere and moments of joy in full harmony with the environment.


specifications photo

Material: fireplace hygge 70 + smoked walnut (finishing)
Designer: John De Smecht
Guarantee: 2 jaar
Dimensions: min. L 840 x W 535 x H 605 + H tube custom made
Weight: min. 75 kg
Space: indoor use 
Technical data: max 65W /  220-240V  /  50-60Hz  / RH 5-80%
Certification: CE
Origin: Belgium


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