Vonkenscherm deco / Spark screen deco / Pare-feu déco/ Funkenschild Deko


The look of a traditional modern open wood fire



Low spark screen

Visually closing the gap between the glass and the bottom

The glass does not touch the bottom plate. We work with a fully retractable glass plate that requires extra space in the depth. If we place the glass up to the bottom plate, we would have to make the fireplace deeper, which is not desirable. Also, the fire and the logs would be deeper in the hearth, which also does not seem natural aesthetically.


High spark shield

If there is a lot of light on the fireplace during the day, a disturbing reflection can occur on the glass, making the flames less visible. A high spark screen is the appropriate solution for this. It contributes to the reduction of reflection and a full enjoyment of the flames.




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Architectural Hologram Fireplaces  


lifelike, minimalistic & unique 

The projection of traditional wood & modern gas flames on an ultra-realistic
LED log set provides the perfect illusion of a burning fireplace.
. Choice of multiple fire patterns, ribbed finish, optional heating element.
The fully retractable window allows for 3 uses.
Sober & sleek, designed from an aesthetic point of view. The fireplace can be built in
without visible edges and finished with a custom steel frame.
Lively and just real, even when the fire is not lit. Patented.


It's all in the details


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