Holographique fireplaces 


Modern Electric Fireplaces with Realistic Flames and Heating Option.
Holofires are high-quality electric fireplaces with advanced holographic technology. They offer a realistic virtual fire experience of both a wood and gas fireplace, complete with crackling sound and heating option. Our fireplaces are available in various models and can be easily built into a variety of styles and finishes, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of consumers. 



Custom steel frames  


With our Holofires we offer a wide range of finishing frames and concepts, both standard & custom. This allows the designer to create a fireplace wall that fits perfectly into any interior. The frames are offered in various finishes in steel: painted, blue rolled, flame sprayed, corten steel, stainless steel, brass: bronze, copper, ...  and are handcrafted by our craftsmen in our workshops. This creates a unique appeal that cannot be achieved by automated production processes.










> Sober & sleek
> Real flames in 3D (<180°)
> Direct view of the interior finish 
> Logs handcrafted in Belgium


The projection glass can be fully retracted 
     => NO reflection of the projection screen


Holofires O'riginal
-> Unique RETRACTABLE projection glass  
 = Design Holographic Fireplace 
See pictures above:
1) With projection glass (flame images)
2) Retractable projection glass
3) Only glowing logs (retracted glass)
4) Direct view to the interior finish

-> OPEN fireplace
No additional vertical glass to close off the fire opening





Unlike Holofires O'riginal, traditional holographic
 fireplaces have other features
-> FIXED projection glass 
1) Always reflection in the glass
2) Poor view of the flames (mesh to hide reflection)
3) Poor view of the interior finish
4) Disturbing element in your refined interior
See pictures below


-> CLOSED fireplace
Additional vertical window to close the fire opening




Holofire ORIGINAL O'70
(lxhxd) 800x583x507 
FIRE OPENING (lxh) 700x360 


Holofire ORIGINAL O'80
(lxhxd) 820x619x588 /
FIRE OPENING (lxh) 800x393


Holofire ORIGINAL O'100
FIRE OPENING (lxh) 1000x360






It's all in the Details
Aesthetic & Compact 
 > Varied fire experience: choice of 8 wood and gas flames (various heights and colors)
> Unique 3D videos of real wood and gas flames
> ZERO TV feeling: Unique 3D view up to 180°! No matter where you sit or stand, the picture quality remains constant. No floating images and no line feel.
> Personalized: Flexible interior finishing + Customization.
> Logset ZERO fake feeling: crafted in small series
> ZERO lightbox feel: Extraordinary realistic glow via LEDs IN the logs, no projection,
> ZERO metal sounds: Natural crackling sound
> Installation without visible edges, Minimal
> No closed appliance, like a real 'open' fireplace  



High Quality of All Parts  


> In-house developed Holofires 3D Technology, The fire images are predetermined during development and differ with each brand!
> Own production of the lifelike flame images
> Ultra-realistic 3D experience through one screen (AND NOT TWO)
> Clever design: firebox with retractable window and where all parts are 'easily' accessible from the fire opening. No breaking out afterwards!
> Full HD LCD monitor to display ultra-clear images and with brand guarantee for landscape use!
> Carefully selected semi-transparent reflective glass for the high quality color reproduction of the images and the real strains.
> Local production of all components, both electronics and all metalwork manufactured in high quality steel  



Tecnical Specifications
Fire source: 100% electric 


> Simple remote control: choice 8 flames, sound (on/off), glowing logs only (mood heater with many choices=apart control)
> On/Off via power socket
> Compatible with home automation (via smart plug)
> Autonomous operation (without internet)  
Consumption: max. 40W (0.03 euro/h)
Connection: 220-240V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Burning hours: 30.000 (high-quality Screen!)
Testing: CE
Weight: 65-73 kg
Patent: yes  




Interior finishes

> Flexible interior finishes (ribbed, ceramic terracotta,...)
> Charred logs as deco for the log set
> Sparkscreen low / high (O'RIGINAL)



Ambient Heat 

With an electronic fireplace the heat can't come out from the fireplace 
itself but always from the surrounding area  
We prefer to work with a high-performance heating system and
can offer the following ambient heaters :
> Electric baseboard heater
Power 2000W 
Front air outlet
Remote contral, bluetooth programmable
Temperature setting 7-32°C, thermostat
 Dim (mm): lxdxh 500x210x120
  Can be aesthetically integrated into wall or steel frame 


> Infrared heating panel
 1000W - 14à20m2
Dim. (mm) 800x1200

Can be aesthetically integrated into ceiling or steel frame 









High-end & custom

Finish: painted, blue rolled, flame sprayed, corten steel brass bronze, copper, stainless steel....
Handcrafted in our workshops, Unique appeal





Corner model 

Influence of Hologram Technology:
> From the side you see no flames, only logs and the sloping edge of the glass.
Because of the projection, the flames appear in front of the glass and not behind it.
> Light enters the fireplace through the open corner(s). The more light, the less you
see the projected flame images
Note: on the Internet you will come across pictures of fireplaces with photoshopped
flames on the side when in reality they are not present.


> Optimal DESIGN solution.
> Nice view of the flame images: the fireplace interior remains dark



No flames visible from the side
> Poor view of the flames: Open corner = Extra (day) light in the fireplace




Fireplace Concepts

> BOGO (bronze)
> McQueen 
> Faroe (free standing)
> Classic fireplace x Holofires




























































































































































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