Ecological alternative to a real fireplace

Architectural hologram fireplaces
HOLOFIRES™ are designed from an ecological and aesthetic point of view. The smart combination of innovative technology,
sleek details and simple materials results in a sleek 'open' hologram fireplace.
Thanks to the unique range, versatile options, flexible interior finishes and custom-made frames, the interior designer
can create a hologram fireplace perfectly suitable for every room.
Create the atmosphere according to your wishes, adapted to the interior




All the cosy, none of the CO2


Get inspired
  • Holofire Hygge 80
  • Finishing frame in black steel, custom-made
  • Cupboard wall to the ceiling
  • Parquet floor Light colored furniture
  • Coffee table on wheels

Beauty in simplicity 


An electric fireplace as design product

Lifelike hologram fireplaces by projecting real flames on a LED logset and the sound of a
crackling fire. Choice of different atmospheres of traditional wood and modern gas flames.
Ambient heating is optionally offered. The Holofires are designed from an aesthetic point of
view, with attention to clean details and simple materials. In addition, the high image quality,
the optional finishings and the customization provide the ultimate virtual fireplace 
experience. Unique. With the fully retractable projection glass we offer 3 options for use.
Just like real, even when the fireplace does not burn.



Details matter



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