The fireplace for a new society™ 


As a Belgian manufacturer, we created our especially for your interior
holoflames fireplaces 'Hygge Flames', the electric design fireplace with
lifelike flames as an alternative to the traditional fireplace. The ultimate
illusion of a really burning fireplace without wood, without gas, without flue,
thanks to holographic 3D technology!
A beautiful virtual fire that brings atmosphere and warmth.

100% electrical fireplace




Made in Belgium 

Hygge Flames is the result of our creative search for a new generation of sustainable
fireplaces. With our innovative spin-off from our Belgian 'fireplaces' family business we
developed this new fire concept, based on the principle of "Pepper's Ghost", an optical
illusion that was created as early as the 19th century was used in theatrical performances.
The combination of Belgian craftsmanship and the Danish art of living,
authentic cosiness and sustainability is reflected in Hygge Flames



Our promise

With Hygge Flames you create your personal place to enjoy undisturbed from
being together with family or friends, to burning the fire of relationships maintain and
strengthen. A feeling that is reinforced by science that your well-being is also good for
the world and that you consciously choose it.


All the cosy none of the CO2



 Why are we called Hygge Flames?

A boring name for a Belgian innovative product? Rather not.
We opted for storytelling. We got the inspiration from the Scandinavian
lifestyle 'hygge', a stylish and sustainable way of life. In essence, 'hygge' is
about creating homeliness, enjoying simple things in life with fine people around you.
And this is universal. We believe that the idea of ​​'hygge' de reason is why the
danes are often proclaimed as the happiest people in the world!
"Hygge is taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life
and make time for a moment of rest."
John De Smecht, co-founder

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