HOLOFIRES™, a unique story


Did you know HOLOFIRES is a Belgian brand?
We live in a rural village in the Westhoek and enjoy the beautiful nature there every day. As a
Flemish fireplace builder, we were confronted early on with the overburdening of the environment
and we decided to look for a healthy alternative: a hearth fire as realistic as possible without fossil
fuels and without emissions, ready for the future.

2015. For the lifelike virtual representation of a traditional wood & modern gas fire we developed
together with a university the Holofires Augmented Reality Technology™. Holograms of real flames
are combined with real-life LED logs and real coals and ashes. Our years of collaboration with
interior designers gave us the necessary market knowledge. Passionate about beauty, we refined
the fireplace down to the smallest details and created a durable luxury hologram fireplace.

2019. Exhibition Architect@Work in Kortrijk (BE). Selected as 'best in its category' and our first
presentation to the public.




The future of a fireplace is virtual. In the latest interior philosophy, it is not about how much heat
a fireplace gives off, but rather how it makes you feel. Architects design a healthier living
environment for wellness-oriented consumers. With Holofires you unwind in an environment
that embraces and figuratively warms you like a comfortable cocoon.



Cosiness for the future:

Nest warmth in an environment where nothing bothers you while in no way
disturbing the world


Together let's make the world a better place 







Made in Belgium

For more than 40 years, our family business ABC Fireplaces has been building industry-leading fireplaces and manufacturing quality custom-made steel cladding. Over the years, we developed our own corporate culture where every employee feels at home at work and where we work together to provide customers with the fireplace of their dreams. Our values Craftsmanship, Inspiration, Quality, Integrity and Teamwork provide a common language and direction for every internal and external collaboration.
The combination of Belgian craftsmanship and sustainability.  Holofires, the fireplace with respect for the well-being of tomorrow's generation.



Our mission


With holofires you create your personal place to enjoy being together undisturbed, to keep the fire of relationships burning and to strengthen them. A feeling that is reinforced by the knowledge that your well-being is also good for the world, and that you consciously choose to do so.



All the cozy, none of the CO2





HOLOFIRES by Hyggeflames?

A boring name for a Belgian innovative poduct? Rather not. We opted for storytelling.  We got the inspiration from the Scandinavian 'hygge' - derived from the Germanic word hyggja which means to feel satisfied. Today 'hygge' is a verb, a noun, a mood.  At its heart, 'hygge' is about creating intimacy: a special moment with family, friends or on your own, but always cosy and relaxing. The Danes' ability to 'hygge' is why they are so happy.  
The fireplace is an essential part of 'hygge'.  Its soft glow and reassuring crackling sound foster a sense of warmth and joy.
"Hygge is stepping back from the rush of daily lift to make time for  those moments of wellbeing"
John De Smecht, co-founder

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