Hygge Flames, a unique story


Did you know Holofires is a Belgian brand?


We live in a rural village in the Westhoek (BE) and enjoy the beautiful every day landscape
and nature. As a Flemish manufacturer of traditional fireplaces, we were faced with the
environmental overload and decided to look for a healthy alternative, a fire that is as realistic
as possible, ready for the future. We developed a lifelike fireplace by means of holograms, the
virtual representation of flames without emitting harmful substances.


That's how HOLOFIRES™ was born
The cosiness of a fireplace, without its drawbacks. And we are always looking for better.
Not just for a better fireplace. We want people to feel good. With respect for nature. HYGGE .
We love authenticity, beauty and quality and want to be a source of inspiration for a
sustainable 'fire' experience.  Enjoying the fireplace while being good to nature.


HOLOFIRES by hyggeflames



Together let's make the world a better place 







Made in Belgium


Our family business ABC Haarden has been building timeless and trend-setting fireplace walls for more than 40 years. We manufacture custom fireplaces and steel cladding in our own workshops. Hygge Flames it is result of our creative search for a new generation of sustainable fireplaces. As innovative spin-off, we developed this fire concept, based on the principle of "Pepper's Ghost"; an optical illusion that was already used in theatrical performances in the 19th century.

Combining Belgian craftsmanship and a Danish ethos, effortless cosiness
and sustainability find expression in Hygge Flames



Our promise


With Hygge Flames you create your personal place to enjoy being together undisturbed family or friends, to keep and strengthen the fire of relationships. A feeling that is reinforced by the knowledge that your well-being is also good for the world and that you consciously choose



Hygge Flames, the fireplace for the wellbeing
of future generations 



 Why the name Hygge Flames?


A boring name for a Belgian innovative product? Rather not. We opted for storytelling. We  got the inspiration from the Scandinavian lifestyle 'hygge', a stylish and sustainable way of life. In essence, 'hygge' is about creating homeliness, enjoying simple things in life with fine people around you. And this is universal. We believe that the idea of ​​'hygge' de reason is why the danes are often proclaimed as the happiest people in the world!

"Hygge is stepping back from the rush of daily lift to make time for
those moments of wellbeing"
John De Smecht, co-founder

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