>Foyer électrique ouvert (pas de vitre à fermer l'ouverture du foyer)

>Technologie des hologrammes par projection de nos propres images de flammes sur une vitre inclinée et semi-transparent

>Des images de flammes ultra-réalistes avec une vue 3D unique jusqu'à 180° !

>Une expérience du feu personnalisée et durable, adaptable à tout type d'intérieur.



A Holofire is more than a hologram fireplace. It is a personalized and durable fire experience adapted to each interior.

Clean and sober interior finish, retractable projection glass (no reflection), customized finishing frames, wide range

  • Choice of 8 fire images (wood + modern gas flames) and natural crackling sound
  • Flexible interior finishing
  • 3D view up to 180°, no line feel
  • ultra realistic glowing LED logs
  • optional heating element, free to install separately from the fireplace



Lifelike 3D hologram fire experience. The illusion is created by blending the projected flames on a present LED log set and crackling sound.

  • Own developed Holofires™ Augmented Reality Technology for virtual representation of traditional wood and modern gas flames.
  • Unique 3D view of up to 180°! Wherever you sit or stand, the picture quality remains constant. No TV feel, no aligned images.
  • Own programmed micro LEDs - for the reproduction of real glowing logs
  • Patented



  • Architectural electric fireplace
  • Authentic fire experience
  • Naturally glowing logset with coloured micro LEDs IN the logs, handmade in small batches
  • Retractable projection glass® (O'RIGINAL): the look of a real fireplace, even in separate glow mode or when not on fire
  • Perfect colour reproduction: high-quality screen and projection glass
  • Unique: the fireplace can be tightly built in with no visible interfering edges; All components are accessible from the front fire opening! 
  • Atmosphere heating optional. To preserve the sober and minimalist look, this electric heating element is best incorporated separately into the wall



  • Easy to install at any stage of the project: only a regular plug needed, appliance is pre-assembled
  • Easy to use, no maintenance
  • Safe for children and pets, ideal for public areas



  • 100% electric: no chimney, no gas, no water, no bioethanol
  • Low consumption: 40W, 0.03 euro/h
  • Belgium made, handcrafted in small series
  • All materials of high quality
  • Circular fireplace concept
  • Enjoying the fireplace with love for the environment

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