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Did you know HOLOFIRES by hyggeflames is a Belgian brand?
We live in a beautiful rural village in the Westhoek and enjoy the authenticity and beautiful nature every day. As a leading Belgian manufacturer of custom fireplaces, we were confronted early on with the burden on the environment. That is why we started looking for a healthy alternative: a fireplace that is as realistic as possible, without using fossil fuels and without emissions. Ready for the future.



The n°1 Holofire





Architectural Hologram Fireplaces. With passion, we have refined the fireplace down to the smallest details. In addition, we offer high-end custom steel frames. Thanks to its hyper-realistic look, Holofires is barely distinguishable from a real modern "fireplace". This top high-end electric fireplace is therefore the favorite design fireplace of every interior designer.






Architect@Work, Kortrijk (BE). 

The FIRST presentation of a hologram fireplace to the public. We were awarded the "Best Eco Luxury Fireplace System.





As a pioneer, we were the first to set out to create a realistic virtual representation of a traditional wood and modern gas fire. Thanks to a collaborative project with specialized universities within the EU, we developed the Holofires Augmented Reality Technology™. This technology combines holograms of real flames with LED logs decorated with authentic coals and ash, complete with the crackling sound for an authentic fire experience. In collaboration with top designers, we have developed the most luxurious and environmentally friendly fireplace system.





Holofires by Hyggeflames

A boring name for a BELGIAN innovative product? Not for us. We opted for 'story'telling. We take our inspiration from Scandinavian 'hygge' - derived from the Germanic word hyggja, which means to feel happy. Today 'hygge' is no longer an ordinary word, but a verb, a noun, a state of mind in which you find yourself. In essence, 'hygge' is about creating a warm atmosphere, enjoying the good things in life with nice people around you. We are convinced that the Danish idea of 'hygge' is the reason why Danes are often voted the happiest people in the world!
"Hygge is taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of every day and making time for a moment of rest." 
John De Smecht, co-founder






60 years of experience

in manufacturing and installation of traditional custom fireplaces








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