"We don't make ordinary electric fireplaces, we make exclusive holographique fireplaces adapted to your interior and good for the environment."

Holofires by Hyggeflames, founded in 2016 by the De Smecht family, is responding to the changing environmental and regulatory environment in the fireplace industry. Our focus is on finding an alternative technique to bring the ambiance of a kind of fire into the home, in line with environmental regulations. Whether in a project, living room or office, a fireplace remains an eye catcher, around which the interior is designed. Our collection offers exclusively holographic fireplaces and custom steel frames, allowing you to create your personal place to enjoy undisturbed, while contributing to a better world.
For more than 7 years, we have worked with passion to refine every little detail. That is why we attach great importance to high quality and produce locally, artisanally and on a small scale in Belgium. It is therefore no surprise that our products are loved all over the world. The headquarters of Holofires is located in Menen, Belgium.




All the cosy none of the CO2
Together we make the world more beautiful! And This is our motto and an incredible motivator.



Cosyness for the future
What really sets us apart is the idea of 'cosiness for the future': nest warmth in an environment where nothing bothers you, while in no way disturbing the world. 'All the cosy none of the CO2'.

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Le N°1 Holofire
Pioneer. As a leading Belgian manufacturer of custom fireplaces, we were confronted early on with the burden on the environment. Therefore we started looking for a healthy alternative: a fireplace as realistic as possible, without fossil fuels and without emissions. A fireplace for the future.
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