Generation 'De Smecht'


For more than 30 years ABC Haarden, our family business, has crafted some of the world’s finest fireplaces. From our workshop in Flanders, Belgium, we specialize in the design, manufacturing and installment of various styles of gas and wood fireplaces, including tailor-made offerings.

Fire is one of the four elements. Since its earliest days, humankind has harnessed fire for heating, protection, lighting and inspiration. This is still true today - the fireplace remains the heart of the home.

However, a growing awareness of sustainability and progressively stricter environmental and insulation regulations make the traditional open fire increasingly unfeasible. Air pollution, access to and cost of wood and fossil fuels, and well- insulated buildings are just some of the reasons why it is time to reimagine the fireplace - to transform it from a utility to an interior experience while being kind to the planet.
We have created HYGGE Flames: a completely new, state-of-the-art concept that offers a multisensory flame experience – keeping the unique experience alive, without the disadvantages of the traditional fireplace.
We invite you to join us in this new way of life, one that aligns simplicity, happiness and sustainability. 

Together let's make the world a cosier place!


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