State-of-the-art virtual fireplace 
adapted to our new way of living

 Increased awareness of climate change and the importance of the environment without CO2


No emissions, no fossil fuels
Our homes are more compact
More insulation, no needs for excessive heat
Modern life is ever-stressful
We strive to enhance our wellbeing






Only electricity
No wood, no gas, no smell 
Low power consumption (max.65W)
High tech holographic fireplace
 Illusion of a real fire, without combustion and without heat
 Combination of 2 high quality LED screens, semi-transparent mirror,
logset with dynamic coloured micro LED lights and the sound of a crackling fire
Fully retractale mirror - even when fire is turned off,
 it looks like natural logs waiting to be ignited


No fire hazard, no risk of CO poisoning
Zero burns, safe for children, elderly people, pets...
No danger to clients in public spaces


Compact and flexible
A simple electrical outlet connection
No chimney, no air inlet, no gas line, no fireproof materials
Easy to install in any room, even into your existing fireplace 
On/Off, selection of images and sound - all with the touch of a button
Low maintenance, no soot, no ashes, no wood-storage
Easy to move  


Cosy at the fireplace, the Scandinavian 'hygge' atmosphere any time of the year
Smart decorative fireplace, modern and easthetic - brings peace and simplicity to the interior 
built-in or freestanding, minimal design
A range of standard or custom-made frames and concepts, for the perfect integration 
into any interior, wall or furniture and in line with the signature of the designer 

Select your prefered image of the flames and glow of the embers
Unique handcrafted logset, very natural
Mastery of crackling sound



The 3D holographic fireplace Hygge Flames offers the ultimate interior experience
fostering cosiness and moments of joy
all in complete harmony with the environment

The fireplace for the wellbeing of future generations.


only Electricity is needed

How does it work?

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“Hygge Flames is the pioneer of the modern fireplace experience"


Hygge, cosiness the Danish way

In this digital world, people need real contact
 away from the pressure of emails and calls. 
A place that offers 'warmth' – the opportunity to relax
 and talk about what truly matters 
 with people who really matter to you.

Discover the 'Hygge' way 

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