Modern FIRE CONCEPT with respect for the environment

100% Electric Fireplace


> Projection Technology
> No chimney, No Emission
> Natural Wood & Gasflames in 3D
> Refined finishing and Made to Measure
> Unique Retractable Glass





We design and manufacture Architectural Holographic Fireplaces
for Sophisticated Interiors.








All the cosy none of the CO2

The Innovative Solution for the
Atmosphere of a Real Fireplace ! 










Holographic Fireplaces,
with Focus on Quality and Exclusivity
Discover the (R)Evolutionary Electric fireplaces from Holofires. Each fireplace is equipped with
a patented retractable glass system, allowing them to be built in sober and tight. At Holofires,
we like to take a different approach. We strive to perfectly match our fireplaces to the design
and needs of our customers. Each Holofire is manufactured with the utmost care in our
workshops in Belgium.






"We've seen countless electric fireplaces and Holofires is the only one that makes us feel like the fire is 100% real. The flames come to life naturally at the bottom of the fireplace and the handmade logs emit an authentic glow so realistic you wouldn't dare touch them, while being completely safe and not hot!
The large windows in our interior create distracting reflections on the mirrored projection window of "traditional" holographic fireplaces, making them not an ideal choice aesthetically. Fortunately, we discovered Holofires, who solved this problem with their patented retractable pane system.
We are grateful to the Holofires team for developing this fireplace with such passion and attention to detail. We look forward to enjoying the beautiful fireplace!"
F. V. Antwerp, Belgium
"Hygge Flames, the pionier of the modern fire experience"
2019. Architect@Work, Belgium

"Because we live in a compact house with hardly any wall space, we never had any room to install a fireplace. Thanks to the freestanding Hygge Flames Fireplace we can finally enjoy the fireplace we've always wanted."


"I've been on an absolute mission to find a fireplace for my clients that has the look of a traditional fireplace, without the disadvantages inherent to a real fire. I finally found this in Hygge Flames. The optical illusion is stunning!"
Brussel's based interior designer
"They've truly reinvented the fireplace! I've never seen anything like it before.  The logset looks just like the real thing and Hygge Flames' technology provides such a better illusion of a wood fire than a gas fireplace - also it's better for the environment!" 
"We always wanted to have a fireplace in our seaside apartment. We were never able to though, because we didn't have a chimney and weren't allowed to stock bioethanol. Fortunately, we found Hygge Flames - it's as if we have a real wood fire now!" 
"We live in a cosy neighbourhood and want to keep it that way.  We decided to install a Hygge Flames fireplace. We like the fact we aren't spewing emissions, dust and CO2 and that's we're doing our bit for the environment and our children's future. We couldn't be happier with our choice!" 
"We have always dreamed of cosy evenings by the fireplace, but because we live in a newly built house and it's so well insulated, it would just be too hot! We were really happy to find Hygge Flames - finally a solution!"
"I love that I don't have to worry about my children burning themselves with Hygge Flames! As parents we can now prepare food in the kitchen without worrying about the children playing without supervision in the living room." 



Enjoy the Benefits of HOLOFIRES  





We are sustainable
Sustainable enjoyment. Our Belgian quality and environmentally friendly approach guarantee carefree comfort.





We are simple and compact
Easy to use, no maintenance required, safe for children and pets because no real flames. Simple installation with just a plug.





We are innovative
We pioneer in holographic fireplaces with 40+ years of experience in custom fireplaces and cooperation with designers and top universities.



Start your Dream Project Today

Get inspired and create the perfect atmosphere in your home with our innovative fireplaces.
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fireplace experience.









Hello !

Welcome to the world of Hyggeflames.


With a passion for the coziness of a fireplace, Hyggeflames, a Belgian brand, creates the durable hologram fireplaces Holofires. Designed with great attention to detail, these fireplaces are especially suited for sophisticated interiors.

Hyggeflames is not just a product, it is a new lifestyle. We go back to the essence and strive for authentic happiness. In an increasingly digital world, people long for real contact, away from the pressure(s) of mails and voicemails.

Our fireplaces offer a place to unwind, a chance to escape the hustle and bustle and talk about what really matters with the people who really matter.

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Holofires offers the ultimate interior experience, fostering cosiness and moments of joy all in complete harmony with the environment



Our motto 'hygge'

We were inspired by the Danish lifestyle of hygge:
Creating coziness, enjoying simple things and caring for nature.
Read our story here




Where can you see us?

Visit our Showroom
Menen, Belgium


The headquarters of Holofires in Menen, Belgium houses a passionate team, the production site
and a lab for hologram experiments.  We also have an inspiring showroom where choosing your
hologram fireplace becomes a real experience. Get to know our extensive range there. Our
hologram specialists will help you find the right hologram fireplace and guide you through
the different styles and atmospheres.






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