The virtual fireplace adapted to our new way of living

Increased awareness of climate change and the importance of the environment without CO2

No CO2, No fossil fuels
Our homes are more compact
More insulation, no needs for excessive heat
We strive to enhance our wellbeing

Only Electricity is needed

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Discover our Holo-3D fireplaces

Fireplaces without chimney. Simple and compact.
Our virtual electric fireplaces can easily be installed anywhere!

“Hygge Flames is the pioneer of the modern fireplace experience"


Hygge, cosiness the Danish way

 In this digital world, people need real contact, away from the pressure of emails and calls. 
A place that offers 'warmth' – the opportunity to relax and talk about what truly matters with people who really matter to you.
Discover the 'Hygge' way

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