As a Belgian manufacturer we developed ' Holo Flames ', a state of the art electric ambiance fire that simulate the natural authentic fire experience, in total harmony with the environment. These fires do not generate heat; the create warm cosiness.
No wood, no gas, no flue, Holo Flames is the best alternative for a real fireplace. Thanks to holographic 3D technology we create lifelike flames. With its architectural design this object can be integrated into any place.


A combination of Belgian craftsmanship and 'hygge', the Scandinavian lifestyle with a lot of attention for cosiness, beautiful design and respect for nature.





For everyone who loves the planet



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 This is not a fireplace, these are elements for tranquility.
Create your personal space to enjoy togetherness without any restraint, to keep the fire burning
while understanding that your personal well-being is good for the world as well.


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Architect@Work, Belgium, may 2019

"Because we live in a compact house with hardly any wall space, we never had any room to install a fireplace. Thanks to the freestanding Hygge Flames Fireplace we can finally enjoy the fireplace we've always wanted."


"I've been on an absolute mission to find a fireplace for my clients that has the look of a traditional fireplace, without the disadvantages inherent to a real fire. I finally found this in Hygge Flames. The optical illusion is stunning!"
Brussel's based interior designer
"They've truly reinvented the fireplace! I've never seen anything like it before.  The logset looks just like the real thing and Hygge Flames' technology provides such a better illusion of a wood fire than a gas fireplace - also it's better for the environment!" 
"We always wanted to have a fireplace in our seaside apartment. We were never able to though, because we didn't have a chimney and weren't allowed to stock bioethanol. Fortunately, we found Hygge Flames - it's as if we have a real wood fire now!" 
"We live in a cosy neighbourhood and want to keep it that way.  We decided to install a Hygge Flames fireplace. We like the fact we aren't spewing emissions, dust and CO2 and that's we're doing our bit for the environment and our children's future. We couldn't be happier with our choice!" 
"We have always dreamed of cosy evenings by the fireplace, but because we live in a newly built house and it's so well insulated, it would just be too hot! We were really happy to find Hygge Flames - finally a solution!"
"I love that I don't have to worry about my children burning themselves with Hygge Flames! As parents we can now prepare food in the kitchen without worrying about the children playing without supervision in the living room." 

Hygge, all the cosy

There is a need for an ecological solution to replace the traditional 'open' fireplaces.
We developed a new one with the innovative spinn-of from our Belgian 'fireplaces' company.
A unique fire concept with lifelike flames.
Why are we called hygge Flames?
A new product with a boring name? Rather not. We got our inspiration from 'hygge',
the Scandinavian lifestyle where creating a cozy atmosphere and taking care of
nature is central. This is the vision behind our product.
All the cosy, none of the CO2
Discover the 'hygge' way


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