How to install?

 Our Holofires are easy to install, no specific knowledge is required. The fireplaces are pre-assembled and you only need an ordinary socket. The installation can be done perfectly by your interior decorator. No extra coordination with other parties.






Plug & Play

Place the appliance on a stable base.  The fireplace is completely pre-assembled except for the glass plate and log set.
Insert the 240V plug into the outlet. Make sure the outlet remains accessible.

> Implementation at any stage of the project
> Easy to install, an ordinary socket suffices, consumption max. 40W
> No flue, no gas supply, no water
> Pre-assembled, no kit. Just add the glass and logs
> No air ventilation provided (via fire opening).
> Access hatch to be provided for plug (left side at bottom of appliance)
> Compatible with home automation (via smart plug), on/off possibility via plug (timer) 


> Install without or with visible front frame of base unit. All components remain accessible through fire opening. No breakout afterwards!
> Finish without fireproof casing (without heating): can finish with ALL conceivable materials.

> Simple remote control with choice of flames, separate glowing logs and crackling sound.
> Additional controls at the unit



Ambiance heating

Optional: Electric wall heater

A wall heater is an efficient heating device. It blows heat through the room and has versatile applications.
To be placed at sufficient distance below the fireplace and can be finished with a removable steel frame (custom made).
This heater can easily be purchased by yourself (by your electrician).

Example of Performance Electric Baseboard Heater: BFH24E
> Power: 2400W (800W/1600W/2400W)
> Dimensions (mm): wxdxh 490x226x120
> Separate remote control, with many setting options.

Attention. The installation of the circuit and heating device must be carried out by a licensed electrician.
The addition of a baseboard heater usually requires a new double-pole circuit breaker and a special circuit serving only the heater.



With our Holofires Service, we offer fireplace delivery and direct service.
Our electric fireplaces are of very good quality and have no maintenance. You can compare it to a simple electronic product. 

Even after installation, all parts of the fireplace remain EASILY accessible through the fire opening. No breakout afterwards, unlike other brands.


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