HOLOFIRES by hyggeflames 
100% electric


Beauty is our philosophy  

The atmosphere of a real fireplace without the fake feel


Carefully made in Belgium
 At Holofires, authenticity and aesthetics are our guiding principles.
Discover below what makes our fireplaces so special.






Retractable glass   

 Perfect for spaces with lots of daylight


Modern look, for a refined interior


 Beautiful design piece both in daylight and in the evening


No disturbing reflection
Window required for displaying the flames
Own created flame images in 3D up to 180°
In case of interfering reflection: projection pane retracted =>
Glass fully retractable (patent)
Only glowing logs, like an extinguishing fire
Direct view of the tight interior finish




Other Brands

Poor view of the flames and interior finish fireplace
Annoying reflection in daylight






Authentic fire experience



Ultra realistic in 3D
8 WOOD & GAS flames
Originate at the bottom of the fireplace
Natural glow
Deco with real coals and ashes
Handmade, in small series
  • Lifelike 3D flames: With a unique flame view in 3D up to 180° and without a floating nor line or TV feel, our fireplaces offer an unparalleled fire experience that breaks the boundaries of traditional holographic fireplaces.
  • Diverse flame images: Choose from a wide range of flame visuals, including traditional wood flames and modern gas flames. With the ability to fire with eight types of flames, we offer a customizable fire experience to suit any mood and environment.

  • Crafted logs with authentic glow: Our logs are manufactured with care and craftsmanship in small batches, giving each fireplace a unique look. With the addition of proprietary programmed LEDs, the logs emit an authentic glow that mimics the ambiance of a real hearth fire.




Andere Merken

Vlammen ontstaan niet onderaan de haard maar zweven in het midden
Geen natuurlijke gloed uit de stammen maar via verlichting








> Ribbed, ceramic or your own choice
More info here
HIGH-END STEEL FRAMES, also made to measure
> Specialized in additional customization in steel
More info here
  • Customizable finish options: Personalize your fireplace with a variety of interior finishes and custom steel finish frames. Whether you prefer a ribbed finish or a high-end look, we offer options to suit your needs.

  • Patented slide-in pane system: Our innovative slide-in pane system provides a clean finish and direct view of the fireplace's interior finish. This gives the fireplace a modern look that fits perfectly with any interior.




Optimal viewing experience




What factors influence the holographic fire experience?
Several factors affect the quality of the holographic fire experience, including light and no flames visible from corner(s). Our commitment to perfection also includes maintaining good image quality even under the influence of light incidence. This is why Holofires offers solutions such as dark fireplace boxes, steel frames (custom-made) and a retractable pane system.
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It's all in the details  

 Holofires by hyggeflames, the ultimate holographic fireplace as an
indispensable design element.
 Bring the atmosphere of a real fireplace to your home today!
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