by Hyggeflames



The future of the electric fireplace is virtual


The virtual fire experience is created by a mix of 3D flames, lifelike LED trunks and a realistic
crackling sound. The projection of video images of real recorded flames on the existing LED-logset
results in a lifelike burning fire with a 3D view up to 180°! Wherever you sit or stand, the image
quality remains constant. No TV feeling, No images in one line.



100% Electric
max. 40W
0.03 €/h











  • No combustion, no emissions
  • No waste of fossil fuels (gas)
  • Low energy consumption (max 55W without heat)
  • High-quality materials with a long lifespan
  • Local production and assembly in Belgium


The perfect alternative to the traditional fireplace without its drawbacks



  • Select the intensity of the flames and glow of the embers - from a smooth burn to a roaring fire - and adjust the crackling sound
  • Choose the desired interior finish
  • Personalize your log set with real ashes and coals
  • Complete freedom in design and choice of materials (no flue, no fire hazard) 
The coziness of a fireplace, all year round. 



  • Implementation at every stage of the design
  • Compact and space-saving, easy to integrate into a new or existing wall
  • Pre-assembled, easy to install (plug & play)
  • Low maintenance: no soot, no ash, no wood storage, no annual inspection
  • No fire hazard, no odor nuisance
  • Absolutely safe for children and in public spaces 
Your HOLOFIRE offers the ultimate interior experience, fostering cosiness and moments of joy all in complete harmonty with the environment. 






Our holographic fireplaces are some of the most advanced virtual fireplaces on the market. By using projection technology, hologram images are created in which the flames are displayed lifelike. A super realistic 3D fire image, as if you are looking at a real 'open' fireplace. And this without a flue, without fuels and without emissions. An atmospheric heating element is optionally offered.
Characteristic of the HOLOFIRE COLLECTION is the sober fireplace design, which originated from the combination of innovative technology and sleek design. The hologram fireplaces were designed from an aesthetic point of view with great attention to simple materials and clean details. Thanks to our unique range and the versatile customization options in frames and extensions, the interior designer can create a fireplace wall that perfectly matches any interior.
The slanted glass plate ensures the creation of the hologram flames and is fully retractable® in the O'RIGINAL type. When the fireplace is not lit, only the natural set of logs is visible, as in a real fireplace.


Our R&D team continues to perfect the HOLOFIRES™ so that you can enjoy the best quality. And we are proud of that!








All the cosy, none of the CO2


Hygge Flames, Belgian manufacturer and inventor of the holographic
fireplaces HOLOFIRES™, has been the reference for this
Luxury Eco-Fire System



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