How does it work ?



A holographic fireplace is a 100% electric fireplace that uses holograms to display a fire image, without actually using fire.
Holofires' virtual fireplace uses a proprietary HOLOFIRES™ 3D TECHNOLOGY® developed in-house to create the realistic illusion of burning flames, making it seem as if there is a real fireplace in the room.




100% Electric
Consumption max. 40W (0.03 €/h)

Optionele Sfeerverwarming (2400W)




-> How do the Holofires fireplaces from hyggeflames work ?
The Holofires fireplaces from hyggeflames offer a unique and immersive fire experience by using advanced holographic technology. A built-in projector projects realistic flames onto a special projection window in the fireplace, creating a 3D fire image visible up to 180°. These flames move naturally and appear lifelike, thanks to crafted logs and proprietary programmed LEDs added to the logs for added visual impact.



-> How can you use Holofires?
With the ability to choose from 8 different types of flames, including both modern gas and traditional wood effects, you can effortlessly match the atmosphere to your mood and environment. By simply using a simple remote control, you can switch between the different flames, adjusting the intensity, color and speed to your liking. Moreover, our patented design ensures that when the pane is retracted, you can enjoy only the glowing logs, making it appear as if the fire is gradually dying out.



-> What about sound effects?
To make the fire experience even more realistic, Holofires fireplaces are equipped with the crackling sound of logs. This adds to the experience of an authentic fireplace, even without the accompanying heat.



-> Is there heat output with the Holofires fireplaces?
While the Holofires fireplaces cannot produce heat themselves due to the use of screen technology, Hyggeflames optionally offers a separate ambient heater - baseboard heater or infrared panel - for customers who want to add heat to their fire experience. This ambient heater is aesthetically designed and can be installed separately, while the focus of Holofires fireplaces remains on visual impact and ambience. This makes them safe and suitable for installation in a variety of spaces, even where traditional fireplaces are impractical.



-> Can I adapt the Holofires fireplace to my style and interior?
Absolutely! Hyggeflames offers several options for customization for its Holofires fireplaces, including choices in flame pattern, interior wall finish and custom steel finish frames. This allows you to perfectly match the fireplace to your personal style and interior.







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