Healthy living


Biophilia literally means 'to love life'. The term consists of the Greek stem 'bio' and suffix '-philie'. Edward O. Wilson launched the idea in 1984 that humans have a natural tendency to bond with nature and with other life forms.

The attraction that natural elements exert on humans is deeply rooted in our biology. The biophilic design concept is being used more and more for the design of buildings and spaces. Natural biomorphic forms and materials from nature are integrated into the interior. The biological bond that arises between man and nature ensures more productivity and less stress.

The coziness of a burning fireplace plays an important role in this. The fireplace becomes an indispensable element. The rest and relaxation make an important contribution to the well-being of people and with a HOLOFIRE you are also good for the environment!

With Holofires you create your personal place to enjoy undisturbed and your well-being goes hand in hand with a better world.

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