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Enjoy the Benefits of HOLOFIRES  





We are sustainable
Sustainable enjoyment. Our Belgian quality and environmentally friendly approach guarantee carefree comfort.





We are simple and compact
Easy to use, no maintenance required, safe for children and pets because no real flames. Simple installation with just a plug.





We are innovative
We pioneer in holographic fireplaces with 40+ years of experience in custom fireplaces and cooperation with designers and top universities.



Start your Dream Project Today

Get inspired and create the perfect atmosphere in your home with our innovative fireplaces.
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Hello !

Welcome to the world of Hyggeflames.


With a passion for the coziness of a fireplace, Hyggeflames, a Belgian brand, creates the durable hologram fireplaces Holofires. Designed with great attention to detail, these fireplaces are especially suited for sophisticated interiors.

Hyggeflames is not just a product, it is a new lifestyle. We go back to the essence and strive for authentic happiness. In an increasingly digital world, people long for real contact, away from the pressure(s) of mails and voicemails.

Our fireplaces offer a place to unwind, a chance to escape the hustle and bustle and talk about what really matters with the people who really matter.

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Holofires offers the ultimate interior experience, fostering cosiness and moments of joy all in complete harmony with the environment



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