HOLOFIRES by hyggeflames 



HoloFires' electric fireplaces were developed with great attention to detail to provide a
natural look that fits perfectly into modern interiors.






Interior Finishing


> Interior: ribbed panels, ceramic or made to measure
Real coals as deco on and around the log set, just like the real thing

> Spark screen as decoration:
GRILL (low mesh -photo 1&2): making the gap between the glass and the bottom invisible

SCREEN (high mesh -photo 4): prevent reflection during daylight, install in full fire opening = in front of the fire, limits view of flames, the atmosphere of a real fireplace with spark screen

> Artisan production


Frames & Concepts

There are two options for finishing Holofires hologram fireplaces: a 3 or 4-sided frame around the fire opening, which is attached during production or a custom-made steel frame that is placed in front of the appliance.

> Standard 4-sided finishing frame in steel étiré 30 x 5 mm:

FRAME 4s O'70 / FRAME 4s O'80 / FRAME 4s O'100 -> Download hier 

> Custom finishing frame in steel étiré 30-100 mm x 5/10 mm
For technical support contact us hier
Important: the 3 or 4-sided frame must be chosen when ordering the fireplace and cannot be added afterwards.
More info hier



Holofires offers the option of adding a separate ambient heater that can be seamlessly integrated into the design. We have a performance baseboard heater available, featuring a stylish line grille as a nozzle, to add aesthetic value to your space.
> Baseboard Heater
Performance heating system with a separate remote control and many setting options.
Freely installable, separate power outlet to be provided
Power consumption: 2400W
Dimensions (mm): lxhxd 490x120x226
Finishing: Designstrip

Dimensions (mm): lxhxd 500x60x220



> Infrared panel
Visibly built into fireplace wall or ceiling


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