HOLOFIRES by hyggeflames


Architectural holographique fireplaces

with retractable projection glass  



Unique features
  • 100% Electric & Natural
  • Lifelike flames in 3D with no fake feel, for the authentic experience. Choice of 8 wood and modern gas flames.
  • Patented retractable glass system for a clean finish and direct view of the fireplace's interior finish.
Holofire O'RIGINAL O'70
(lxhxd) 800x583x507 mm
fire opening (lxh) 700x360 mm


Holofire O'RIGINAL O'80
(lxhxd) 820x619x588 mm
fire opening (lxh) 800x393 mm


Holofire O'RIGINAL O'100
(lxhxd) 1020x583x507 mm
fire opening (lxh) 1000x360 mm


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Fireplace + Steel frame custom-made 
Our custom frames for larger fireplace sizes are designed with optimal light and fire experience in mind.
We limit the length of the fireplace to 100 cm to maintain the clarity and sharpness of the holographic images, making each fireplace an impressive visual experience.
When designing and implementing holographic fireplace systems, it is essential to understand and respect their limitations:
Several factors affect the quality of the holographic fire experience, including light penetration.This can affect both the brightness and sharpness of the images. Measurements show that the brightness of the holographic images decreases as light penetration increases.Therefore, it is crucial to consider light incidence when designing and installing the fireplace. For optimal color reproduction of the holographic images, a fireplace of up to 100 cm is recommended, which corresponds to the size of our largest fireplace.



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Fireplace + corner-frame in steel (custom)

Frames: more info here

To maintain visual quality, we offer steel finishing frames in corner form.
1.No visible flames
With a corner fireplace, no flames are visible from the side; you only see the logs lying down and the angled glass edge of the projection glass. Choosing a corner frame in conjunction with Holofires' standard fireplace ensures the best fire experience quality, with a custom look to suit your needs.  
2. Daylight
The quality of the holographic fire experience is influenced by several factors, including the incidence of light, which can affect both the brightness and sharpness of the images. When more light enters the fireplace box, the view of the flames is reduced. A corner fireplace introduces additional light, which makes maintaining good image quality difficult. Because quality is of utmost importance to us, we wish to keep the fireplace box as dark as possible.







Watch a selection of Holofires flame images below  
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