Are you concerned about the environment? We do . We are focussed on clean energy, sustainable materials and smart design.  Only electricity.  Hygge Flames, the fireplace without emissions, without smoke and without odor.


With our holo fireplace you can transform your interior into a beautiful place. We offer a wide range of finishing frames, also customized. Depending on your mood, you can choose from different realistic flame images, traditional wood and modern gas flames, and crackling sound.  


Plug & play. No chimney, easy installation, remote control, low maintenance. With or without the heat. No CO emissions, no fire hazard. Children and pets can play in absolute safety and ideal for public areas.










Welcome to the world of Hygge Flames, the new way of life!

Holofires offers the ultimate interior experience, fostering cosiness and moments of joy all in complete harmony with the environment.
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