"Hygge is stepping back from the rush of daily life to make time for those moments of wellbeing."

John De Smecht, co-founder 

Why are we called Hygge Flames? A boring name for an innovative product? Prefer not to. We opted for storytelling. We got the inspiration from 'hygge', the Scandinavian lifestyle in which creating a cozy atmosphere and taking care of nature are central. This is the vision behind our product. The names of our fireplace models are inspired by Danish islands.

Hygge (pronunciation: huuge) dates back to the 19th century and is derived from the Germanic word "hyggja", which means "to feel happy". Today "hygge" is a verb, a noun, a symbol of your own identity, a mood in which you find yourself.

In essence, "hygge" is about creating a warm atmosphere, enjoying the good things in life with nice people around you. And this is universal. We believe that the Danish idea of ​​"hygge" is the reason why Danes are often voted the happiest people in the world!

The fireplace is an essential part of "hygge". Its soft glow and crackling sounds provide a feeling of warmth and coziness.


Over the years we have developed a great deal of knowledge with our Belgian family business - specialized in making and installing custom fireplaces. Ecological awareness prompted us to consider a new way of experiencing the fireplace, as an alternative to the real fireplace.

With our spin-off we developed a new fire concept with hyper-realistic flame images. The ecological solution to replace the traditional 'open' fireplace.

Our main principles were clean air, refined design, local production and smart technology and the pursuit of the ultimate illusion of a real fireplace without the disadvantages.

The combination of Belgian craftsmanship and the Danish art of living, authentic cosiness and sustainability is reflected in Hygge Flames.

In this digital world, people need real contact away from the pressure (too) of emails and voice mails. A place that offers a "warm" feeling, an opportunity to unwind and talk about what really matters with people who really matter to you.
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